April 19th Biennial Meeting with the Master

Worthy Sir Knight:

Very shortly, the Faithful Navigators and Faithful Comptrollers of the Northern California District will be receiving an invitation to attend the Biennial Meeting with the Master scheduled to take place on Sunday Morning at 8:00 AM. This meeting will be conducted online through the help of SK Ed Broadhurst, State Training Chairman. This meeting will take place within the comfort of your home. You will need a computer to access the internet. If your computer also has a microphone and camera, that will be helpful. For those who do not have computers, you will be able to call in on your phone and hear the meeting but if you do call in, you CANNOT be a delegate. Please make a note of this.

This invitation will be sent out again to all who have registered a day or two before the actual meeting and one-hour prior to the meeting’s start. Please be advised that your registration is yours alone and cannot be shared with someone else. Furthermore, do not end up having a group session with a bunch of members sitting together in a room, especially if you are a delegate. The software we’re using is able to count total votes cast with the number of delegates present.

When you receive this invitation, it will be your responsibility to get it immediately to your delegates so that they can register as quickly as possible. The rules for how many delegates an Assembly can send is as follows:

For those of you who were delegates at Rohnert Park, you are receiving this notification e-mail as well. If you no longer want to be a delegate, notify your Navigator and/or Comptroller immediately so that they can appoint a replacement.

At this meeting, the Nominating Committee will be presenting three (3) selected candidates for the position of Northern California Master. We will ask if there are any further nominations. If there are, then we will be doing an online balloting. The resulting top three (3) candidates’ names will then be turned over to the Vice-Supreme Master who will in turn provide them with instructions as to what they need to provide to make their case for being appointed Master.

In addition to presenting resolutions, for those Assemblies who stated at the February meeting in Rohnert Park that they would be creating resolutions, we need those resolutions to be sent into the District Secretary (me) as soon as possible. The reason for this is that we have to populate the presentation prior to it happening.

Each delegate must register so that they will be capable of voting on the candidates for Master and the resolutions that are to be presented.

If you have any questions or issues, regardless of how trivial, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Fraternally yours,
SK Ed Blake, District Secretary
Northern California District, St. Junipero Serra Province
1172 N. Hillview Dr.
Milpitas CA 95035-3307
Hm: 408-263-0247
Mobile: 408-205-6651

Honor Guard Call-outs Suspended

Current Call Out Directive for Sacramento Diocese

Dear Sacramento Area Diocese Honor Guard Commanders/FN’s,

I have been in contact with the Most Reverend Jaime Soto, Bishop of the Sacramento Diocese, and he has suspended all Vigils and Funeral Masses in the Sacramento Diocese. Therefore, no call outs for Viewings/Rosaries/Vigils/Funeral Masses will be approved until further notice. Bishop Soto has said only graveside services with only 10 or less members. Memorial services are to be scheduled for a later date after the corona virus pandemic has subsided.

Please let you Honor Guard members know, and also let anyone know should they ask Knights Honor Guard for a funeral.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call, text, or email me.

Stay healthy and safe.

God’s Blessings Always,

Tim Fukuda
Senior District Marshal

Important Announcement Re: April 18th Exemplification Postponed; Biannual Meeting to be Online

Worthy Sir Knights,

Many of you have contacted me inquiring as to the status of the scheduled Exemplification that’s to take place at Good Shepherd Church in Elk Grove on Saturday, April 18th which will then be followed by the Biannual meeting with the Master on Sunday, April 19th at St. Paul’s Church in Sacramento.

We are here to inform you that after conversations with Vice-Supreme Master David Ryan and in consultation with the other Masters of the St. Junipero Serra Province that Master T.W. Starkweather announces to all of you that the planned Exemplification for Elk Grove will be postponed to a later date. What that date is will come to fruition when conditions surrounding the Coronavirus/COVIS-19 improve to where we can go get out and circulate.

As for the Biannual meeting with the Master, we will still be holding this but NOT in person. Instead, we are in the process of setting up a GoToMeeting type structure that will allow all Delegates and whomever else who wants to join in participate online in the safety and comfort of their residence.

The details of the April 19th Biannual Meeting with the Master will be provided soon.

Please assure all delegates from your Assembly to be in attendance via the method chosen to conduct this meeting.

Please forward all Proposed Resolutions to be voted on to the District Secretary on not later than April 6, 2020 so that they can be circulated.

Please submit as soon as possible nominations for Master to Former Master Stephen Peterson at his contact information below:

We need three names of Qualified Sir Knights in Good Standing whom will accept the Nomination

God’s Blessings to All of You,
T.W. Starkweather, Master
Northern California District
St. Junipero Serra Province

We are pleased to welcome “The Supply Room” (TSR) as the new distributor of Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree regalia. TSR is a world-class, leading distributer of military and law enforcement uniforms, located in Oxford, Alabama. In addition to 100+ years of experience and a solid reputation for quality, they will offer customer service representatives dedicated to Knights of Columbus uniform orders.
Our uniforms will remain of the highest quality, while the cost will drop to $449. Because of the transition, all ordering of uniforms will be suspended Nov. 1 and resume on Dec. 1.

What to know (when sales resume on December 1st):
As before, orders may be placed at kofcuniform.com. The customer service number remains the same and is available at 1-833-562-4327. TSR customer service is able to assist with questions regarding uniforms ordered from the previous fulfillment company. We remain grateful to our Sir Knights and are proud of the dignity and respect with which you represent the Order in your parishes and communities. Thank you for letting us serve you.

Fourth Degree April 18th 2020 Is Cancelled Due to the Virus

The ceremony is to be held at Good Shepherd Catholic Church 9539 Racquet Ct. Elk Grove CA 95758. One day event. $70 registration cost per candidate.The Biannual meeting with the Master will be held at: St. Paul Catholic Church 8720 Florin Rd. Sacramento CA 95828 on Sunday morning, April 19th at 8:00 AM. Here are the packets for the next degree. The members have this one and the candidates have this one.

A combined third degree is being held on April 17th.

Fraternally yours,
SK Ed Blake, District Secretary

Northern California District, St. Junipero Serra Province

If You Haven't Done It, Do It Now

If you haven’t ordered updated Form 4s from Supreme, do it NOW!! The correct Form 4 has a date code in the upper right hand corner of the Form to the right of the “Printed in USA” logo that says 10/14. That is the date code for the English version of the Form. For the Spanish version, that date code is 7/11

These Forms are free of charge, your Assembly only pays for shipping.

Make the Connection to the US Department of Veterans Affairs

“Make the Connection is an essential program of outreach to those veterans who are suffering, need help, but are reluctant to ask or unaware of the support available from Veterans Affairs.”

Children at Holy Trinity School Teach Us About Veterans Day

On November 12th, the students at Holy Trinity School in El Dorado Hills invited Veterans to attend a special assembly to thank those who fought to protect our country. Here are some of the poems that were read. After speaking with their teacher who arranged this event, she said this was an annual event, so if you are a history buff, a veteran or interested in our children's education, plan to attend. You won't be sorry.


Patriotic Rosary

As the patriotic degree, you might want to consider praying the Patriotic Rosary, which is here as a PDF file.

What is a Callout?

There still seems to be some confusion on what is allowed to be worn at a callout as of July1, 2019.

These are just examples, the term callout has not changed, only what is allowed to be worn.

Here is what is allowed:

There is no reason, to not show-up at a brother knights funeral and provide him with honor and dignity he deserves.

There is no greater honor than standing guard at a brothers funeral.

The only real change is "No Cape, No Chapeaux, no sword without the new uniform".

Should a brother show up wishing to wear a Cape, Chapeaux and sword, he will be asked to leave it in the car and join wearing his Tux and gloves. No argument, and join his brothers, with the class of a catholic gentlemen.

I respect those gentlemen that made the decision not to purchase the new uniform, I would still encourage them to show their brothers the respect by standing guard or participating as a member, no different than those brothers that stood by those in Cape and Chapeaux years past.

If anyone has any questions, please contact me.

Thank You,

Ken Rose
Master Central CA District
St. Junipero Serra Province


Welcome a New Assembly to Our District

We proudly welcome our newest assembly Our Lady of Guadalupe #3803 headquartered at:
Cathedral of St Mary of the Assumption
1111 Gough St.
San Francisco CA 94109

Thank you to our Worthy District Master TW Starkweather for his leadership and guidance to make this assembly a reality. It is one of 45 of the assemblies in the Northern California District of the St. Junipero Province.


4TH Degree Officers

For more information you can contact the following brothers:
Senior District Marshal Tim Fukuda