Statewide Degrees at Annual Meeting

Worthy District Deputies & Grand Knights,

This is your opportunity to send candidates to a in person degree during the State Annual Meeting.  Please see the flyer for details.

Fraternal Webinars and Video Resources:

Online Exemplifications for Charity, Unity & Fraternity

The Supreme Council continues to host online exemplification ceremonies while social distancing rules are in effect. I ask that you promote them heavily within your councils and jurisdictions.

We streamlined the procedures to make it as easy as possible for candidates to participate and for councils to process them. We are offering six online ceremonies over the next two weeks to accommodate a variety of schedules and time zones.

A candidate or observer can choose a ceremony that best fits his schedule. If a first choice is closed out due to capacity limitations, he should pick another time slot that still has openings.

The procedure to follow is very simple.

Grand knights or financial secretaries invite eligible candidates for admission and advancement to participate by forwarding this downloadable PDF invitation to them.

Provide each candidate with your council number and instruct them to register for the exemplification of their choice by clicking on the associated link within the PDF. Tell them that their families are welcome, and encouraged, to observe. For your benefit, the ceremony schedule is as follows:



Here are additional dates for Admission Degrees for District 2:

Council 1137 - St. John the Baptist 416 Chestnut St., Chico, CA Mar. 12, & Jun. 11
Council 7773 - St. Thomas More 767 Elliott Rd., Paradise, CA May 13
Council 13765 - Our Divine Savior (ODS) 566 E Lassen Ave, Chico, CA Apr. 14


Click here to pray the Prayer for Protection in Time of Pandemic.

Other Admission Degrees

Admission Degrees for District 16

March 13, 2020 Council 13271

Admission Degrees in July & Moving Forward

The State Council's goal this coming Columbian Year is "An Admission Degree in Every Council Every Month." I am writing to offer encouragement and pointers for this important new State Membership initiative. For assistance and coordination in that regard, the Chapter and State need to hear from you, as indicated below. All of this will require some change in thinking and attitudes.

Easier to Implement Than Might Appear While this is a significant change--even a cultural one, a beneficially offsetting factor is that every approved form of conducting an Admission Degree is permitted even, if necessary, reading from a script. I leave to your responsibility all the procedural and reporting aspects related to the Degrees themselves.

Reporting If you do not already have such a matrix you should prepare a listing for each Council in your District showing:

  1. whether they have an Admission Degree Team
  2. if so, whether they already schedule monthly Admission Degrees
  3. and
  4. to what extent they rely upon Admission Degrees conducted by nearby Councils for their newly recruited Candidates.
To this information you should note whatever plans you have for setting up a First Degree Team at any Council that does not already have one of its own. Please be prepared to provide this information to the Chapter and State by July 15. Then, Admission Degrees should be held on a continuing date each month: remember, if there are no Candidates, the Team can use that opportunity to practice.

Starting a Team In the latter connection, it is rather easy for a District Deputy to succumb to inertia and the status quo: "If no one has established a First Degree Team at this Council, it seems like a lot of trouble for me to set one up, now." However, from my experience I suggest to you that that is not the case, particularly now when the State and Supreme Councils appear to be requiring much less formality than they have in the past.

Just ask for a volunteer at your next opportunity, whether by phone or email each Council's Grand Knight as soon as possible (or at visits with the Councils if you will do so soon enough, to gather First Degree Team Members. You will find that initiating a Team and seeing their proficiency grow until they qualify for your Certification to be one of the most satisfying experiences you will have as a District Deputy.

Don Harmata

Vice-President Elect
District Deputy Mentor
Northern California Chapter
Knights of Columbus

Formation & Knighthood Degrees

Dress Code for Admission/Formation & Knighthood Degrees

Business casual (collared sport shirt and slacks minimum). No Blue jeans, shorts or tee shirts will be allowed to participate as this is truly special occasion and we should all set a good example and show the dignity that the Knights of Columbus and these special ceremony deserve. The dress code will be strictly enforced.

All council officers bringing in candidates are to bring Candidate's Kits for each one, their constitutional roll, and the membership card that will be presented. All our Admissions exemplifications will start promptly at 6:00 pm on the scheduled dates. Please come at 5:30 or so to give us time to process all the candidates. Late arrivals will not be admitted if it will delay our 6:00 pm opening of the exemplification.

All attendees are invited to join us in reciting the Rosary after the exemplification ceremony. We will then take a short 5-minute break to setup for our regular council meeting and again all are invited to attend. We will provide pizza, beverages, and all are invited to join in and socialize with us so that we have a chance to meet and talk with all of you and especially the new members after our meeting.

Please RSVP the Grand Knight for the specific council or District Deputy: Dave MulQueeney (530) 864-7089) no later than 3 days before the scheduled date. Questions and feedback are always welcomed.