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Degrees in Marysville

Worthy District Deputies
Worthy Grand Knights

Marysville Council #1869 & the District 4 Degree Team will be holding an Exemplification of Unity, Charity & Fraternity on Sunday June 12th, 2022. Come enjoy Mass at the recently renovated Historic St. Joseph's Catholic Church at 10:00 AM.

Registration will be after Mass. This could be the final opportunity for the 2021 - 2022 Columbian Year for your 1st Degree Brothers to obtain their 2nd & 3rd Degree as well for new candidates to enter the Order. See the Flyer.

RSVP to DD4 Charles Beltz at or (530) 301 -4803 no later than Thursday June 9th, 2022 - VIVAT JESUS!

Thank you & God Bless
Your Brother in Christ

Charles Beltz DD4
Northern California Chapter Retirement Home Representative
Northern California Chapter Intellectual Disabilities Chairman
California State Council Special Olympics Chairman

Letter from Chapter President

Hello Worthy Chapter Brothers,

The California March for Life in Sacramento is on Wednesday, June 22nd. As you know, the support of the Knights of Columbus is crucial to the March’s success. We are in need of a KofC Canopy, table and volunteers to help set up, serve as eyes and ears, and to hand out over 1000 signs to those in attendance. It is also a great opportunity to engage our members in a cause they care deeply about. Here is the link that will help you to sign up as a volunteer.

Volunteers will be trained and prepared through a virtual Zoom training call the week before the march. Then on the morning of the march again be briefed before beginning assisting with the event.

Please answer the call to help defend life.

Edwin Gomez
Chapter President
Northern California Chapter
Knights of Columbus

May Letter from Chapter President

Hello Worthy Chapter Brothers,

As we near the end of this Columbian year, there is still time for those Councils that are on the edge of achieving the Star Council Award to do so. Your District Deputy is willing and able to help you achieve this wonderful award. Summertime does not mean lazy time. Let’s finish the year STRONG......

The next big event is the Vocations Dinner on June 18. Council 11236 and Good Shepherd Catholic Church at 9539 Racquet Court in Elk Grove, will host this event. There is still time for your Council or Assembly to sponsor a table. All the details and forms are posted on the Northern California Chapter website for your reference.

It is also time to consider the amount on the check for the generous donation that your Council will make to the Bishop’s Fund. Bishop Jamie Soto will be in attendance at the Chapter Installation and Testimonial Dinner on July 16th. There will be the traditional Parade of Grand Knights during the Dinner portion of the evening. These funds are given directly to Bishop Soto for him to distribute as he sees fit. There will be more information distributed out to the Chapter soon.

Edwin Gomez
Chapter President
Northern California Chapter
Knights of Columbus

For Our Patriotic Brothers

Check out this link for our Knights who are veterans who served our country.

Online Rosary from Auburn Council 8149

Joining info: Join with Google Meet
Who: - organizer

I would like to invite everyone to come and share in the Prayer of the Gospels with us online every Sunday evening at 8:00pm. We will also include the Gaelic Litany to our Lady. This prayer can be accessed with the following link:

Leo Tolstoy said "Give me faith, Lord, and let me help others find it." KofC Auburn Council 6149 would like to offer this rosary publicly to help others find their faith and come together in common prayer. The rosary is our expression of faith, and we would like to offer this as a service to the Christian community and to those of like mind to come together and pray for the common good.

We are open to questions, comments and feedback in an attempt to make this a more spirituality fulfilling experience. Comments can be addressed to me at .

"If I had an army to say the Rosary, I could conquer the world."
-- Blessed Pope Piux IX

A Call-out to All Brother Knights, Check on Your Brother

This is a CALL OUT TO ALL BROTHER KNIGHTS IN THE NOR-CAL CHAPTER. We must check on all our Brother Knights in this Chapter to determine if he and his family need assistance. This is especially true of our older brothers that are homebound, live alone and may not have family close by to provide assistance. Ask if they need bottled water, food, a ride to the store, etc.

Please check on all your Brother Knights and their families to see if there is anything we as Knights can do to help. Now is the time to step into the breach and be bold to help your Brother Knights. On top of the COVID-19, we have problems with wildfires across California. We have six major fires in Southern California – five in Central California – five in the San Francisco Bay Area and 14 in Northern California today.

YOU are not alone, we are ready and willing to HELP. I need to know if there are Brother Knights or family members who are in NEED. I won't know unless you reach out. Please call or email with a response to this message.

Vivat Jesus,
Bro. Salvatore Di Marco III
Disaster Response Chairman
Nor Cal Chapter Knights of Columbus


State Programs Updates:

Here is the link to the guide for Remote Programs Reporting.
With that and the use of the 2021-2022 digital state programs handbook you will be successful. Please contact me through you DD or directly at:

Thank you,
Brother James Hart

Live Streaming Masses

Note: Masses can also be found at

Membership Incentives

Check out this flyer for membership incentives. The recruiter incentives begin June 1st, while all others begin July 1st.

Steps to a successful webinar

Check this information for your online presentation

Online (Virtual) Meetings

My Brothers,

Please find guidance regarding Online (Virtual) Meetings. This guidance has been provided to us from Supreme as we deal with the changes and challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please ensure this is provided to every council in your respective area. Praying you Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

James Larson
State Advocate 2021-2022

Essay Competitions

Keep Christ in Christmas
Supreme Catholic Citizenship
State Catholic Stewardship


Feed the Athletes

Worthy Grand Knights and Brothers:

We need your support for an upcoming Special Olympics Event on May 14th @ Vista Del Lago HS in Folsom. We will be providing lunches for 1000 Athletes & Coaches. We start at 8:00am and we're done before 1:00pm. While some volunteers are prepping lettuce others are stuffing lunch bags with chips, granola bars, cookies, condiments and the cooks are heating their grills. Once the (pre cooked chicken breast or hamburgers) are cooked, we assemble and wrap them. Some will wrap and others will stuff the sandwiches into the lunch bags. We then put the lunches into boxes when the coach comes to pick them up. Special Olympics will provide us with tables and a couple of Canopies.

What I need from Councils are large grills, canopies and of course the manpower to get the job done. You will find that "Feeding the Athletes" at an Event is a GREAT EXPERENCE & a lot of fun. The Coaches and Athletes really appreciate what we do for them. We provide them with a nutritional lunch at low cost funded by the State Program "Feed the Athletes". This is the largest 1 day event we do in Northern California for Special Olympics and is a crown jewel for the Northern California Chapter.

Please contact me at or at (530)301-4803 with names and phone numbers of brothers committed to helping and if you can provide a gas grill. Please keep your District Deputy informed on your participation in this event.

Charles Beltz DD4
Northern California Chapter Retirement Home Representative
Northern California Chapter Intellectual Disabilities Chairman
California State Council Special Olympics Chairman

Chapter Meeting


Check this list for future chapter meetings.




St. John the Baptist Parish soccer field
307 Montrose Drive
Folsom, Ca. 95630


Chapter Soccer Contest

The following boys and girls from Elk Grove, Lincoln, and Marysville, ages 9 to 14, were named local champions of the Knights of Columbus 2021 Northern Chapter Soccer Challenge competition and have earned the right to compete at the 2021 Northern State/Regional Soccer Challenge on Sunday, November 13, 2021 at St. John the Baptist Parish soccer field in Folsom.

Congratulations and Announcing the 2021 Northern Chapter Soccer Challenge Champions

Girls Age 9 years old Chapter Competition
Alexis Simon-Carlson - Council 11236 - District 12 - Elk Grove - Total Score 130 - 2021 Chapter champion
Taeya Van Duren - Council 9202 - District 6 - Lincoln - Total Score 80

Boys Age 9 years old Chapter Competition
Pavel Espinoza - Council 5978 - District 4 - Marysville - Total Score 130 - 2021 Chapter Champion

Girls Age 10 years old Chapter Competition No Contestant

Boys Age 10 years old Chapter Competition
Jacob McNaught - Council 11236 - District 12 - Elk Grove - Total Score 125 - 2021 Chapter Champion

Girls Age 11 years old Chapter Competition
No Contestant

Boys Age 11 years old Chapter Competition
Matthew Harder - Council 11236 - District 12 - Elk Grove - Total Score 145 - 2021 Chapter Champion

Girls Age 12 year old Chapter Competition
No Contestant

Boys Age 12 years old Chapter Competition
Logan Eads - Council 9202 - District 6 - Lincoln - Total Score 170 - 2021 Chapter Champion

Girls Age 13 years old Chapter Competition
Alyssa Jensen - Council 9202 - District 6 - Lincoln - Total Score 225 - 2021 Chapter Champion

Boys Age 13 year old Chapter Competition
Jacob Corley - Council 9202 - District 6 - Lincoln - Total Score 130 - 2021 Chapter Champion

Girls Age 14 years old Chapter Competition
No Contestant

Boys Age 14 years old Chapter Competition
Owen Cannon - Council 11236 - District 12 - Elk Grove - Total Score 155 - 2021 Chapter champion

Free Throw Contest

Announcing the 2022 Northern Chapter Free Throw competition "Champions" from Saturday, February 26, 2022.

2022 Free Throw brother Knight volunteers who helped with setup, registration/check-in, score keeping, line judges, ball retrievers and clean up. Brother's (standing) Dick Phelan (6197), Tom Ireland (6197), Pete Lopez DD#5, Leonard Reyes (6197), Roger Perez (6197), Bob Czerwonka (6197), Ralph Brown (3585 - Fairfield); Brother's (sitting) Percy Park (6197) and Bill Manos (13672). Brother's not in the picture John Moore (6197), Billy White (6197), Bill Hardie and Steven Freitas (4991).


NO 9 Year Old Girl Chapter Champion:

9 Year Old Boy Chapter Champion: Luke Neejar - Council 3585, District 16, Travis AFB, Total Score 5/25

NO 10 Year Old Girl Chapter Champion:

10 Year Old Boy Chapter Champion:
Kameron Scott - Council 1875, District 4, Grass Valley, Total Score 22/25

10 Year Old Boy Chapter Runner-up:
Brayden Jefferson - Council 11236, District 12, Elk Grove, Total Score 16/25

11 Year Old Girl Chapter Champion:
Stella Shandrew - Council 1875, District 4, Nevada City, Total Score: 4/25

11 Year Old Boy Chapter Champion:
Chase Stevens - Council 1875, District 4, Smartsville, Total Score 17/25

11 Year Old Boy Chapter Runner-up:
Matthew Harden - Council 11236, District 12, Elk Grove, Total Score 14/25

12 Year Old Girl Chapter Champion:
Arjoyee Bains - Council 5978, District 4, Yuba City, Total Score: 16/25

12 Year Old Boy Chapter Champion:
Ian Brown - Council 6197, District 7, El Dorado Hills , Total Score 20/25

12 Year Old Boy Chapter Runner-up:
Jesse Raga - Council 11236, District 12, Elk Grove, Total Score 19/25

13 Year Old Girl Chapter Champion:
Charlotte Fuhs - Council 11236, District 12, Wilton, Total Score: 10/25

13 Year Old Boy Chapter Champion:
Jose Castillo - Council 4991, District 6, North Highland, Total Score 10/25

14 Year Old Girl Chapter Champion:
Macy Henslee - Council 1875, District 4, Grass Valley, Total Score: 12/25

14 Year Old Girl Chapter Runner-up:
Susan Fukuda - Council 11236, District 12, Elk Grove, Total Score 11/25

14 Year Old Boy Chapter Champion:
Angelo Flores - Council 3585, District 16, Fairfield, Total Score 14/25

Northern State Free Throw Championship Coordinator
Percy Park (Jody)(06197 - 01903)
1005 Blue Ravine Road #225
Folsom, Ca 95630-3499

Northern Chapters:

  1. Northern California (1-17)
  2. Redwood (18-24)
  3. Saint Francis (25-32)
  4. San Jose (33-40)
  5. Oakland (41-54)
  6. San Joaquin (55-61)

Northern Chapter Presidents, please pass this on to your local Chapter Officers, Committeemen, District Deputies, Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries within your Chapter.


The Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship is "open to all" boys and girls, ages 9 to 14, in your community. Age eligibility is determined by the age of the contestant as of January 1 2022. Proof of age is required (copy of birth certificate) to determine age bracket for the competition.

Age Specifications

Ages 9, 10, 11 (both boys and girls) Use a woman's size regulation basketball and shoot from a 12 foot foul line to a 10 foot basket. This 12 foot line should be clearly marked with athletic or masking tape.

Ages 12, 13, 14 (girls competition) Use a woman's size regulation basketball and shoot from the regulation foul line 15 feet at a 10 foot basket.

Ages 12, 13, 14 (boys competition) Use a men's size regulation basketball and shoot from the regulation foul line 15 feet at a 10 foot basket.

Competition Levels and Scoring

Council level - Three warm up shoots and 15 free throw attempts to determine highest score by age group, boys and girls, to determine the winner.

District Level - Three warm up shoots and 25 free throw attempts to determine highest score by age group, boys and girls, to determine the winner.

Chapter Level - Three warm up shoots and 25 free throw attempts to determine highest score by age group, boys and girls, to determine the winner.

State Level - Three warm up shoots and 25 free throw attempts to determine highest score by age group, boys and girls, to determine the winner.

Order the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship Kit (#FT-KIT) using this order form. You can also use the order form in the Council Report Forms Booklet (#1436), or call the Department of Fraternal Services at 203-752-4270.

Schedule a date and location for the event. Contact schools, community centers and youth centers to reserve a basketball court.

The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you do for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you do for me.” Matthew 25:40

Vivat Jesus,
Mahalo and Aloha,

SK Percy Park, PGK, PFN Nor Cal Chapter Soccer Challenge 2020-2021
Nor Cal Chapter Free Throw Championship 2020-2021
Nor Cal Chapter Special Olympics 2020-2021
State Chairman Soccer Challenge 2020-2021

Percy Park (Jody)
1005 Blue Ravine Rd #225
Folsom, Ca. 95630

State Free Throw Competition

Congratulations to those who won this year. The results are available here.

Special Olympics

If your council is interested in supporting Special Olympics in Northern California, check out their website at:

Safe Environment Compliance Reporting

Worthy Brothers,

You have asked and Supreme has made the reports available WEEKLY regarding Safe Environment!! This was sent out to ALL Chapter Presidents, DD Mentors, and All DD's of record, and all those that recieve the STAR.TRACKER report.

Thank You,
Ken Rose (update contact name & info)
CA State Membership Data
1400 Meredith Ave #84
Gustine, CA 95322

Wanted to share the news that the member status report is now available each week in Officers Online. This announcement was shared with all State Deputies at the recent meeting in Orlando as well.

See the files in English and Spanish. I think this will go a long way towards helping our members understand exactly where they stand with Safe Environment Compliance. Feel free to share with your Jurisdiction and help get the word out.

Just as Officers Online works now, what a member can view will depend on his access to Officers Online, and the fact that DDs will now be able to view the compliance of all their councils will bring more councils into compliance more quickly each year.

We are listening and making improvements.

Robert J. Kish Jr.
Territorial Growth Director - West
Dept. of Fraternal Mission
Supreme Council Knights of Columbus
Cell 541-760-2821
Po Box 1332
Philomath, OR. 97370


Council Credit/Debit Cards

Plan to read this update on methods of payment for our local councils. The memo is here and the procedures are here.


State/Supreme News

State Convention

Check out our flyer for the Country Store!

Submit your ad for the Souvenir Book with this form.

Vocation Benefit Dinner

Mark your calendar for June 18th and check out this packet of information. This is one way to support the seminarians, along with your prayers, who will be giving their lives to God. Please RSVP by June 4th. Cost is $50 per person or $350 for a table of 8. To share all the details, you can share this flyer with others.

Say This Prayer During Pandemic

A pandemic prayer is available on YouTube if you choose and is on the Supreme YouTube Channel

New Combined Exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity

Read this message from our State Deputy regarding this change for our degrees.

Wheelchair Initiative

Plan some funds in your council to support our Wheelchair Initiative. More details available in the flyer here.

State Poster Contest Competitions

Here is the Keep Christ in Christmas Handbook

Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest participation form
Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest entry form

Here is the Substance Abuse Handbook
More details to be posted when they become available.

Help Support the Columbian Retirement Home

A few months ago, I called on you, and all California grand knights, to consider a Council donation to this year’s Columbian Retirement Home Appeal. If your Council is among those councils that have already responded, I thank you. If not, I respectfully again ask for you to lead your Council in supporting this Brother Helping Brother mission.

In my earlier appeal to you, I stressed our increased financial need, driven by decreasing revenue from the Corporation’s small investment portfolio, increasing operating costs, and continued rental subsidies. Now, our finances face even further strain as we are looking at the requirement to replace the heating and air conditioning system at our Columbian Center in Marysville.

Having served us for over 30 years, and as a convent for religious for many prior years, this HVAC system is now over 60 years old, inefficient, increasingly unsupportable and costlier with each year. This requirement to install a serviceable HVAC system at Marysville will yield additional cost savings long term, and we are assessing even more savings through future electrical service changes, but achieving these long-term savings come with up-front cost.

As I reported to you in my April letter, we have already taken what actions we can to minimize our current operating costs, thereby increasing funds available for direct support of those we serve. Among those actions we reduced postal costs this year by more than 80% by not sending individual letters to all 78,000 California knights, instead appealing to them through you, as their Council leader, to generate needed support.

This is why I am repeating my appeal to you to consider designating the Columbian Retirement Home Inc. as a one of the recipients of funds planned for charitable support in 2019. If your current budget will not allow, then I ask that you add an additional event to your 2019 program dedicated to fund such a Council donation.

Finally, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your kind consideration in assisting us in our Mission. I look forward to receiving your donation of support, which you can mail to: Columbian Retirement Home Inc., P.O. Box 4338, El Monte, Ca 91734-0438.

Charles Beltz chapter

1,500 Ultrasounds:
The KofC’s Greatest Humanitarian Effort WATCH VIDEO

Millions of babies have had a chance at life, thanks to 1,000 ultrasound machines donated by you and your brother Knights around the world.

Congratulations to our Knights in Manassas, Va., where the 1,000th machine was just dedicated! Read about the dedication here.

At the dedication, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson said that the Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Initiative is the greatest humanitarian effort the organization has ever undertaken.

“Today represents a very concrete way in which millions of lives are changed for the better by the Catholic community coming together and volunteering together,” said Anderson. “What greater legacy can a person have than to save a child’s life?”

As hundreds of thousands gather in Washington, D.C., to pay witness to the Culture of Life, check out the video below and share our pride in the Knights of Columbus Ultrasound program!


You can further support the pro-life cause by contributing to the Knights of Columbus Charities Culture of Life Fund. Click here to donate.

Reach Prospects Electronically!

Worthy Brothers,

Online Membership is allowing us to reach younger men where they are:  on their cell phones, tablets, and computers.  Statewide, over 250 men have joined the Order online so far this Columbian Year.  However, many other men have expressed interest in learning more about the Knights but were not quite ready to pay the $30 dues and join Online.

Now we have a tool to utilize that will automatically invite a Prospect to join Online and send him weekly messages about the Knights of Columbus.  Supreme is offering us automated, online marketing software called “Marketo”.  Each Council can request a Lead Generation Program for use at special events, conferences, and in-person prospecting opportunities.  Think of it as aDigital Prospect Card that will automatically send a weekly informational email to men who sign up!  Go to  The page request form automatically sends your Membership Team an email with all the information they need to create the program.  In 2-4 days, the council receives a custom URL, available on any device, and the Lead Generation Program is ready to use.

When you use the link above, you will see this simple page:

Once your Council receives its Lead Generation Program, the page that a Prospect will complete asks only for First Name, Last Name, and Email.  You will need to use your laptop, pad, or Smart Phone to allow Prospects to sign up.  (Note: It is NOT intended to be sent out via email directly to Prospects.)

Once form is filled out, a prospect immediately receives a customized email from Council with link to join the Knights of Columbus online: 

The prospect is also enrolled in a nurture drip-email campaign, and will receive additional information weekly.

Finally, the Council receives a copy of all contacts enrolled via their custom “Marketo” form.

Then, bring a laptop, pad, or smart phone to all of your Council’s Faith In Action events and have one of your Brother Knights help men use your Council’s Digital Prospect Card.

Keep in mind that you should continue to offer the “You Were Born A Man, You Become A Knight” Online Membership card (Form #10536) to men when you are not using the Digital Prospect Card to sign them up via an electronic device.

Remember the December Challenge:  “Become A Knight Before Christmas.” (or at least by New Year’s Day)  Each Council was challenged to bring in one more Brother by 12/31/18.  Give your Council a Christmas present:  bring in a new Brother!

Please forward this message to any Brother Knight who may choose to use it to help build your Council. 

Yours in Service,

Michael Brault
California State Membership Director


Council Officers Elections

My Brothers All,
The State Office is already receiving forms 185’s from councils that have already had their elections.

Please Review Elections in Sec 128 on page 54 of the Rules of the order that state your elections must happen in the last two weeks of May or the first two weeks of June each year. If your Bylaws say something else then you need to change them they can not conflict with the Supreme rules of the Order.

On Page 54,

Election SEC. 128. All officers, except the Financial Secretary, Lecturer and Chaplain, shall be elected annually, by ballot, at a regular business meeting held between the ​​fifteenth day of May to and including the fifteenth day of June each year, and with the exception of the Trustees who shall serve for terms not to exceed three years as provided by Section 145, said officers shall hold their offices for the term of one year from the first day of July following, and until their successors are elected and qualified. Provided, however, that elective officers of councils identified with colleges and universities may be elected at a regular business meeting held between the first day of March to and including the first day of June in each year after written notice is given to the members of the date selected.

Coats for Kids

Click here for the Coats for Kids form. Make your Coats for Kids drive shine with this helpful guide.

Super Bowl: Giving Coats for Kids The Knights of Columbus held a Super Bowl Coats for Kids event on Saturday, January 26th, at Mission San Felipe de Jesus in Forest Park, GA. Volunteers and Special Guest worked to Distribute over 600 warm winter coats to the children of this Mission. Join the Knights of Columbus today:

Council participation is simple. To learn more about this great program, visit To order coats for kids, click here. Or, should you like to find more details about the program, contact the Fraternal Mission Department at 203-752-4270 or .

Council Visibility

Worthy Brothers,

Although we are often reluctant to do so, every council should publicize its charitable works and activities whenever possible. Your parishioners should clearly see the Knights of Columbus are alive and active in your parish and community. Following are ideas to increase the visibility of your council and demonstrate our commitment in the parishes we serve:

  1. Ask all Brother Knights to wear their name badges whenever they are at church.
  2. Order council polo shirts, t-shirts, hats, vests, or jackets and encourage Brothers to wear them.
  3. Make use of your parish bulletin. Be sure to ask for a bulletin announcement on the weekend before an event, the weekend of the event, and even a thank you for participating the weekend after an event. If it was a fundraiser; show your results, where the money is going, and thank parishioners for their contributions.
  4. Whenever possible, write your bulletin announcements as an open invitation to all parishioners and add at the end of the announcement, “Sponsored by Knights of Columbus Council __________ at ___________ parish.
  5. Use Knights of Columbus tablecloths, canopies and canopy back walls whenever you can. Use them at your breakfasts, dinners, sign up tables, membership drives, food collection tables (Food for Families), and at any event sponsored by the council.
  6. NOTE: tablecloths, canopies and canopy back walls can be ordered from links found on the state website: or using the forms below. Tablecloths ​will be available for purchase at a reduced cost at the annual State Convention in Sacramento May 17-19, 2018.

  7. Always have flyers with a name, phone #, and email of a person to contact in church entryways and reception areas around your parish. Include, contact cards, photo displays of Knights in action andColumbia magazines in church offices and waiting areas.
  8. Focus on sponsoring spiritual activities (5th Sunday Rosary, men’s retreats, prayer groups, Bible studies, etc.) Show your parish that your council helps to deepen the Faith of the men who are involved.
  9. In addition, focus on sponsoring family activities such as parish dinners (even pot luck dinners), family movie nights, family camping trips, talent shows, etc. Sponsoring family events is a great way to involve growing families in the parish (with young fathers) in Knights of Columbus activities.
  10. Consider ordering the “Domestic Church Kiosk and Booklet Set” for your parish. Booklets are available in English or in Spanish. For $150, you will get the Kiosk with 225 booklets (15 each of 15 different booklets). Order using this web page:

All of these should serve to increase Knights of Columbus visibility in your parish and community.
​Here are some forms to help you order the items mentioned above:

"Change a Life, Recruit a New Knight!"

Yours in Service,

Michael D. Brault
Assistant Membership Director and Recruitment Chairman

Another method to make your council visible is to share your Council's Story. Check out this issue of Knightline for publicity details


Substance Abuse Poster Contest

The Substance Abuse Poster Contest can begin as soon as early September, but participation packets need to be ordered by Oct. 31st. Here are some items you may need:

Diocesan News

Seminarian Update

Here is a flyer updating our list of seminarians for the Sacramento Diocese. Let us show them how the Knights will support them from now on in their extremely valuable vocation.