Steps to A Successful Webinar

Recently, we held a webinar on how to create a webinar and manage the presentation and several of you attended. We now have 4 webinars scheduled and all of us have parts to contribute and probably still have some questions. Three of these sessions contain topics to vote on so there are a few additional items involved and the State Planning Meeting will contain presentations from multiple speakers. All four will have one or more power point presentations. I have created this message to lay out the steps and give all a better oversight into the process and items needed.

In these types of meetings, most of the attendees are not on camera or microphone, but can make comments and ask questions by typing into a Q&A text box. This is monitored by a Co-organizer who will respond by typing or refer to a presenter or Organizer to respond.

If you have any questions, you can reach me as below

Ed Broadhurst
Chairman, Leader Training